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Course Summary

Giving Evidence at Coroner’s Court Training

This is a course for healthcare professionals who may have to give evidence at an Inquest.  It is also suitable for those who may have to support staff in the immediate aftermath of a patient death and at Coroner’s Court. 

The day is split into two sections; section 1 covers how to prepare to give evidence and section 2 covers giving evidence at Inquest.  

Every delegate will be cross-examined by a Healthcare Lawyer and Inquest Advocate to experience, in a protected environment, the level of scrutiny their evidence may be subjected to.  Every delegate will be given personal feedback and guidance on how to improve their own, individual presentation skills.  

NB – no live cases will be discussed


  • Writing witness statements
  • Critical analysis of evidence 
  • What to wear
  • Language to use
  • What to expect on the day
  • Interface between a Serious Untoward Incident Investigation and Inquest
  • The purpose of an Inquest
  • What about staff who have left?
  • Court visits
  • The difference between an expert and a witness of fact
  • Giving oral evidence
  • How to deal with lawyers’ techniques
  • Jury Inquests
  • Conclusions and PFD Report