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Course Summary

Root Cause Analysis Training

Course Overview

In March 2018 NHS Improvement stated: 

“Investigations must be led by trained investigators with the support of an appropriately resourced investigation team”

“while RCA is widely used and considered to be the national systems- based investigation method, it is often not understood or appropriately adopted in local investigations. The RCA method is sometimes cited as the cause of investigation flaws, but review of such published critiques suggests problems with implementation rather than fundamental flaws in the RCA methodology”

The future of NHS patient safety investigations. Proposed principles for the revised Serious Incident Framework

This interactive and practical course will provide a systems based methodology to investigate incidents from an initial understanding of the legal and factual context, through a detailed analysis of the issues and evidence, to production of the formal report.

Delegates will be provided with an electronic toolkit after the training, containing policy, report, statement and timeline templates to help put our RCA methodology into practice.  

Day 1 

This day will focus on the RCA methodology; information gathering, involving patients, families and carers, data organisation, analytical skills, drafting actions, recommendations and observations. 

Day 2 

This day will focus on the skills of statement writing and interviewing techniques.  Delegates will undertake a mock investigation from start to finish, submitting their reports and receiving feedback. 


  • Scoping and information collection
  • Data organisation
  • Interviewing in a no-blame context
  • Scrutinising evidence obtained
  • Identification of care and service delivery problems
  • Identification of contributory factors
  • Identification of failing and missing systems
  • Drafting actions, recommendations and observations
  • Time management
  • Assisting witnesses to produce excellent statements
  • Guidance on precision writing