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Course Summary

The Statutory Duty of Candour – Scotland Training

Course Overview

This one-day in-house course, led by an experienced Barrister and Accredited Mediator, covers the legal and professional regulatory framework surrounding the duty of candour in Scotland under the Health (Tobacco, Nicotine etc and Care) (Scotland) Act 2016 and the 2018 Regulations.  

The training will cover the key points of the duty, the Scottish Government’s Guidance and how these apply in practice.  This training has been developed drawing on our extensive experience of delivering training on the comparable duty of candour in England. 

The emphasis will be on developing the practical understanding of the key concept, and the skills needed to ensure compliance with the duty of candour.   This training will help you to use the duty of candour to develop a culture of safety and provide person-centered care. 


  • Fundamental principles and policy background – what is the duty and why is it there?
  • Statutory framework – NHS Trusts, primary care and others
  • Professional duty and Codes of Practice
  • What is a ‘notifiable safety incident’?
  • The ‘harm thresholds’ – when does the duty engage?
  • Required actions: notification, investigation, apologies and documentation
  • Accountability and responsibility: organisations, clinical leads and individuals
  • Apologies and admissions of liability – are these the same?
  • Meeting with patients, service users and families
  • Using candour to de-escalate conflicts
  • Using the duty of candour to develop a culture of safety and provide person-centered care
  • How candour can help make investigations more effective and person focused
  • Communicating in writing –  being clear, accessible and person-focused