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Course Summary

Giving Evidence in Coroner’s Court

Date And Time

Wed, 29 April 2020
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

A masterclass of our Giving Evidence in Court training.

This is a course for healthcare professionals who may have to give evidence at an Inquest. It is also suitable for those who may have to support staff in the immediate aftermath of a patient death and at Coroner’s Court.

Every delegate will be cross-examined by a Healthcare Lawyer and Inquest Advocate to experience, in a protected environment, the level of scrutiny their evidence may be subjected to. Every delegate will be given personal feedback and guidance on how to improve their own, individual presentation skills.


• The required skills to produce an excellent witness statement

• The necessary skills to critically analyse evidence

• Knowing what to wear

• Knowing what language to use

• In-depth understanding of what will happen on the day

• An appreciation of the interface between a Serious Untoward Incident Investigation and Inquest

• An understanding of the purpose of an Inquest; conclusions and PFD Reports

• Recognition of the importance of court visits

• Understanding the difference between an expert and a witness of fact

• Develop the necessary skills to present evidence and to excel under scrutiny

• Proficiency in dealing with lawyers’ techniques

NB – no live cases will be discussed.

This course is accredited for CPD purposes.

The course will take place in Central London at a venue to be announced.