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Available Online Learning Packages

Affordable e-learning courses in RCA and The Use of Restrictive Interventions

E-Learning is CPD Certified and in partnership with I2D2

E-Learning Packages

1. Level 1 Root Cause Analysis
2. Level 2 Root Cause Analysis
3. The Use of Restrictive Interventions

All packages are CPD accredited and can be purchased on an organisation wide licence, as well as by individuals.

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RCA training

InPractice has translated its highly regarded RCA training into two online training packages; Level 1 and Level 2.

Level 1 is for individuals who are involved in investigations, for example witnesses, so they know what to expect.  The training is also effective at improving awareness of RCA processes, the ‘just culture’ and encouraging staff to engage in the investigation process.  It can also be used as an introductory course for investigators before a face-to-face training session.

“Very good, logical” Chief Nurse, Quality and Governance

Level 2 is a comprehensive training package that closely replicates our face-to-face training for investigators.

Use of Restrictive Interventions Training

The Use of Restrictive Interventions package focuses on the legal framework, common misconceptions and record keeping.

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